You Are Welcome Here.

Who We Are

We are people like you — young, not-so-young, married, single, divorced, and married again. We come from various career paths and from various parts of the greater Oklahoma City area.

Our struggles are similar to those you might face — financial difficulties, health issues, and does anyone have relationships all figured out? One thing we do know: We all need something more than just a nice house, car, and job.

We want to connect with our Creator. And we believe we have: through Jesus and His people, commonly called, “The Church.” Come explore what is it all about.


Connecting with God and others. Growing to be like Christ. Serving our community. Sharing the hope.


Our Purpose

Connecting with God and others

Jesus said what is most important in life can be summarized as “Love God, Love People.” We invite you to connect with God and with others who seek to do the same.

Growing to be like Christ

We are all born knowing nothing. From our first words to our first steps, we were all helped along the way. Our church seeks to help each other grow to be more like Jesus each and every day.

Serving our community

Our church family has decided not to act like we are running a museum, but instead a first aid station of the soul for the hurting, lonely, and forgotten. So we feed and clothe, we tutor and mow, we reach out and lend a hand.

Sharing the hope

We believe that God has done the impossible – He has made a way to make every bad word, action, or thought any of us ever had disappear and go as “far as the east is from the west.” We would love to tell all about just how that happens.