Park and Garden Center

A place that provides food, comfort, peace and service, all grown together.

Grow and Serve

For anyone who enjoys gardening, whether it be working in a vegetable garden or planting and tending flowers, we invite you to come and help us provide nourishing food and beauty for the community around us. As fresh vegetables become available throughout the growing season, a vegetable stand is utilized to dispense whatever is currently available to the public.

Want to Help?

Our garden serves as a way to bless our community with free produce throughout the growing season. If you’d like to help in our garden, please call (405) 672-1311 for more information and we will put you in touch with our Garden Team.

During the growing season, we also have free vegetable giveaways. They begin each Tuesday and Friday at 7 AM and continue until all the produce has been given away. Giveaways are "weather permitting." We hope these will bless your table.


The original Garden was started in the spring of 2011 with the construction of sixty 20’x4′ raised beds. Since the original venture, the Garden has more than doubled in size by utilizing available land as a traditional garden. In the fall of 2011, we began an effort to finish a park area that was originally started in the mid 1950’s, when more than 35 deciduous trees were planted. Now, 76 new evergreen or flowering trees have also been planted, a 750′ gravel walkway installed, and a flowerbed utilizing 99 clay pots of various sizes has been built. In 2014, our neighbor, Del City High School, allowed us the use of two land areas for gardening. We continue to grow vegetables on our Garden area, plus the addition to two plots on shared land with Del City High School. We love for you to volunteer with us to help